Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Addison

Yesterday - July 21st - my little baby girl turned ONE! The poor little girl was sick though, she had a high fever all day and just wanted to be held. Thankfully she is feeling much better today (although now her sister Tori has a fever). I can't believe how fast that first year went, I wish she could stay a baby forever - but also be able to sleep through the night too! :) I am posting some pics of her first year for you. If you have a little ones of your own, don't forget to stop and love on them today. It goes by so fast and we need to cherish EVERY moment we have with them.

To My Little "Addie Babe"...

...I love that you gave me a good easy and short labor. I even got to take a nap!
...I love that you slept through the night as an infant. Even though it didn't last too long, it was still so much appreciated.
...I love watching you play with your brother and sister. Ever since you could move you've found a way to be next to them - either snuggling, climbing on them, pulling their hair, etc. But they don't mind, they just turn around and say "Addison!" and give you a big hug!
...I love listening to you sing. When the music is on, or if you are listening to me sing, you just chime right in and sing a long.
...I love that you get so excited to see me everytime I come home from being away. I always miss holding you when I'm gone.
...I love how you grab a hold of my leg and hold on tight when I walk by you, forcing me to stop and look at you or pry you off so I can pick you up and cuddle you.
...I love you even though your first words were "Hi Dada" on Mother's Day!! Would it have been that hard to say "Mama" instead?! Oh well, it was still SO cute and I know your Daddy loved it!
...I love how you yell "Mom!" in your high-pitched little voice whenever you are looking for me.

I am so thankful for my beautiful daughter, God blessed us so much when he surprised us with you Addison!

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet Addison Olivia!


  1. what a sweet post Julie. She is just adorable and I can see that she lights up your life. Great pictures :)

  2. How did you get your comments to show up again? So so cute! Love Addison!