Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Out In The Rain

The other day it was POURING outside! Tori and Jack always like to watch the rain as we sit there and talk about why the trees, flowers and grass need the water. It was still warm outside so we went out on the porch to watch it fall. They were so surpised when Rick went and stood out in the rain, they thought it was SO funny! So, of course, they followed him out there and had so much fun running and jumping in all the puddles! It's so sweet to watch them enjoy the simple things in life and the smiles on their faces while they were playing were contagious! It made me think about how I need to take the time to enjoy the simple little blessings God puts in my life everyday. Don't be so caught up in all the "big important moments" that we forget about the simple ones that can bring so much more joy!

Remember to stop and enjoy the simple things today...like the beautiful flowers outside, the sunset tonight, the way your kids climb on top of you just to sit with you, a good conversation with a friend or loved one, the list could go on forever.
Don't forget to Make It Matter!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


About two weeks ago, our dog Nala found a bunny in our yard and chased it until it ran away. Rick said the bunny was huge and we were surprised it could even fit through the small opening in our fence out back. Although we haven't seen the bunny, we knew it was still around because our strawberries have been disappearing! Saturday, Rick was watering the garden and he ran inside and said "Where's your camera?!" I pressed him for questions but he didn't answer. So, I followed him out back to the tree right next to our garden and here is what I saw...

Aren't they SO cute?! Tori and Jack love going over there to peek at them. I've already asked if we could keep one and Rick said no. :( So, I have been feeding them carrots and I enjoy going out and looking at them all snuggled up under the tree. Once in a while they come out, hop around a little and then go back.

I know they won't stay forever - nor do I want them too because I would like to keep our strawberries - but I like having them around. They are so adorable and it is a constant reminder of the beauty of God's creation.