Monday, March 5, 2012

Need Someone To Talk To?

Remember when you had your first baby?! Oh, the excitment and exhaustion of it all. The first few weeks are rough but you are in survival mode and learn to make it through. Plus, everyone and their brother wants to come over and visit. They come bearing gifts, home-cooked meals and hand-knit blankets. They bring their cameras and take pictures of your little one. They want to hear all about how you and the baby are doing. They don't care that you are STILL in your pj's at 2:00 in the afternoon, that you have no make-up on and your hair is in a ponytail (again) and that your breath stinks - they still tell you that you look amazing for just having a baby and it sure makes you feel great. They overlook the messy house and are willing to stay for hours just to hold that itty-bitty sweet-smelling newborn baby while listening to you go on and on about the birth story, funny things that the baby is doing and why you think he/she is so advanced.

But, after a few weeks, the visits start to slow down. And then it starts to get quiet around the house...real quiet. Sure, there was the noise of the crying baby and the dog barking at the mailman. There was the sound of your own voice as you yelled at the dog to be quiet and not wake the baby or maybe you pleaded with the baby to stop crying and then there were the sweet moments when you would hear yourself tell the baby how adorble they were and how you couldn't imagine life without them.

But a woman can only take so much isolation! We have a NEED for conversation! And let's be honest, talking with the dog and baby is not ideal, since neither can talk back to you. So, we find ourselves trying to talk to anyone who will listen to us...the neighbors, the telemarketer, the mailman and that cashier at Wegmans who had no idea what she was getting into when you entered her line. You talked the poor girl's ear off! But she was nice, and she smiled (as she breathed a sigh of relief that you were finally leaving) and wished you all the best.

Well, this may or may not have been my experience, but I am sure a lot of Moms can relate to it! As I said earlier, we women have a NEED for conversation! And then when we become Mom's, we need it even more because, as much as we hate to admit it, we are different now and sometimes we have no idea what we are doing! Mom's need to be there to encourage eachother, to share stories or advice, to make eachother laugh and most importantly to pray for one another!!!

And THAT is why my sister-in-law Shannon Rowlands over at Growing God's Gifts and I would like to introduce you to Hearts In His Hands. Hearts In His Hands is a group for Moms. Our goal is to encourage and support Moms from all walks of life. We meet once a month and during that time we will eat some delicious food, be part of a topical discussion related to mothering and gain insight on what God has to offer to mothers. It is a night for you to get out of the house and be yourself and carry on a normal conversation without being interrupted by your crying baby, the toddler eating dog food, or the children fighting over who had what toy first!

Please stop by Hearts In His Hands
and contact us for more information if you are interested.
We would love to have you join us!

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