Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The First Step Is: Admitting It!

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it! I’m addicted – to COFFEE!! I’ve become one of THOSE people! I love the smell of it! I love the taste of it!

Instead of grabbing some Tylenol when I feel a headache coming on, I make myself some coffee. Every time I go somewhere I can’t help but think to myself “Hmm, where is the nearest place I can grab a coffee?”. When my Mom stops by, she comes with a coffee in her hand for me – she knows I have a problem but continues to encourage it. Rick has even caught on that when he is out running errands he should be bringing home a coffee for me…because a happy, fully-caffeinated wife makes for a happy home!

Last night I wanted to get out of the house so I packed all three kids up in the car and drove us to Tim Hortons (or “Tim Portons” as Jack and Tori would say) to get some coffee – and some donut holes for the kids too. I’ve trained Tori and Jack to keep their eyes open for Tim Horton locations...once they spot one they say “Mom, there’s Tim Portons!” and, of course, I usually swerve into the drive-thru and order my medium regular french vanilla coffee – double, double….Mmmm, it’s like a small taste of heaven!

Rick doesn’t drink coffee, just me. That’s why I hate making some if it’s only me who drinks it because there is always perfectly good leftover coffee. I recently read in a magazine what to do with all that leftover goodness!

1. Pour it into ice cube trays and freeze them.
2. Pour a glass of cold milk and drop in a few coffee ice cubes.
3. Drizzle with some chocolate syrup and – voila! – a delicious iced coffee just for you!

Do you drink coffee? Do you love it as much as I do – or am I really pathetic? If you don’t like coffee, what is your favorite drink?


  1. KNOW I am just as bad!! haha. We even take it the same way. :) First off, LOVE your blog! Secondly, ummmmmmm how are you married to a NON coffee drinker??!! Seriously Rick, you need to be examining your heart here. lol. Great idea about the cubes, although we have a single cup coffee maker which I LOOOOOVE! You should add that to your "This would be a great gift" list. It makes one cup in under 30seconds! Also, another thing to do is just stick your leftover pot of coffee into the fridge. Then you can have iced coffee whenever you want. I love you Jules, I hope we can see each other soon! (fully caffeinated of course!)

  2. Hey! This post sounds just like our conversation today! :) I am on my way to being a coffee lover, thanks to baby #3. I never drank a full cup of coffee until I was 30, and now I drink it just about every morning...and sometimes I'll drink the left over coffee iced if it's *one of those days*. I love iced tea too, which as a huge plus doesn't give me stink breath.

    Brian used a Senseo single coffee machine when he was the solo coffee drinker in the house. You should give it a try!

  3. Hahaha. LOL ;)Yes, I do enjoy coffee. I only drink hot coffee in the winter and usually iced coffee in the summer only. I'm weird about hot foods and drinks when it's hot out and cold drinks and foods when it's cold out. I do not have the strong desire for it like you do although my weakness is starbucks mocha frappacino. I could have that any time. I keep a stash of those bottled ones in the pantry for the bad days of no energy and high stress. It always perks me right up :)

  4. I swear I was meant to be your Aunt, not Rick's! :-) I am every bit as much of a coffee addict as you are. I set my coffee pot every night so I can wake up to the smell. When Rhianna wants me to get out of bed she brings me a cup. When I visit a new area my first task is to scope out SB, DD or TH locations. When Kev was in college in PA I stopped at the SB on the Thurway near Geneva, then in Binghamton, then when I got off the expressway in West Chester. Kev's roommate thought I was a nutcase! Even my new man knows of my coffee addiction after only 2 months of dating. Did I mention there's a SB with a drive -thru "can you hear the angels singing" on the way to his house!

  5. Loved this. I actually switched to Decaf for various reasons and even thought about giving it up for good... but I just can't... I'm a Coffee girl through and through!

    PS: Love the new background. I like the white :-)


  6. Love the pictures on the side of your blog of your family! :)